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The most important asset for any musician is the actual product – the music!
If you want to have many people listening to what you have to say, then you need to be equipped with the best sound possible.
We always try to provide beautiful melodies to give your music the specialty that most artists out there are missing in our eyes. Martin from DreamUnionBeats is a multi-genre musician, originally based in the Rock/Metal area and he is always working to combine the best elements from all kinds of music-genres.


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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

#What does it mean to lease beats?

Leasing a beat means that you don´t have to spend too much money on getting an instrumental you already like for a song of yours. You only buy a license of use for that instrumental, which basically means that you do not own it but you can use it to make profitable income streams with your music!

#Will voice tags be removed after purchase?

Of course! When you buy a beat, there is no voice tag on that audio no more. Only if you want to support me you can receive my tag to put it maybe to the start or something of the beat, but just if you like that idea!

#Do I need to renew a license soon?

Generally no. You only have to upgrade a license whenever you exceed some limits in numbers (streams/sales), according to your purchased license.

#Are you also writing custom beats?

For sure we do that! Just make sure to contact us (martin@dream-union-beats.com) so we can talk about everything further. Keep in mind that this is no free service!

#I Don't have credit card or PayPal, what now?

Unfortunately we are right now only providing credit card and PayPal as payment methods. Keep in mind that you can also use PayPal accounts or Credit Cards by your friends/family to purchase a beat from us!

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Martin from DreamUnionBeats

👋 Nice To Meet You!

Hi there, I’m Martin! I’m a German music producer and beatmaker and it makes me proud to be a part of your journey!
I can’t wait to work with you!


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