Ableton is saying that this beat-file “may be corrupted or unlicensed”?

This happens every now and then with my customers who use Ableton as their DAW. At first I suggest you to checkout if the file is working correctly in your standard media player. When this is functioning, there is a problem with Ableton, which you can further get solutions here:


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What is the difference between MP3 and WAV?

The Quality is different! MP3 is a version of audio-files that are compressing the data which are exported from the DAW-project and all the sounds, which means, to get out a smaller amount of data, it cuts off a lot but you don´t really hear a difference at first. WAV-files are not compressing data at all, which is why they are perfect to be professionally recording and distributing your music to the whole world. If you are want to take it seriously, that is the way to go!

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My status of purchase says “failed”, what should I do?

Sometimes our website is having issues by receiving payment information of PayPal and Credit Card. So it can be like you get the information of “failed”, bt don´t worry. We always try to communicate immediately with you, if such a problem is happening! If you ever need any support, write a message at martin(at)dream-union-beats.com!

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I do not have PayPal or CreditCard, what can I do?

Unfortunately we are right now only providing credit card and PayPal as payment methods. Keep in mind that you can also use PayPal accounts or Credit Cards by your friends/family to purchase a beat from us!

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Do I need to renew a license yearly?

Generally no. You only have to upgrade a license whenever you exceed some limits in numbers (streams/sales), according to your purchased license.

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Are you also writing custom beats?

For sure we do that! Just make sure to contact us (martin@dream-union-beats.com) so we can talk about everything further.


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What is an Exclusive license?

An exclusive license is a full copyright transfer of a certain instrumental. When you contact us (martin@dream-union-beats.com) for wanting to buy an exclusive beat, the price will be negotiated by both parties. When a certain price is set and the transaction is completed, you then have received all copyright you are then allowed to do everything you want with this beat (you can even resell or distribute it). We as the producers will take of that beat from our beat-store, as well we will add the word “SOLD” to the certain YouTube-video of that beat. No one can buy another license then no more, but all the other artists who previously bought a non-exclusive license will stay untouched from this exclusive copyright transfer.

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How to upgrade to a higher license?

When you exceed the conditions of your first purchased license model, e.g. by reaching over 500,000 streams on Spotify etc. than you have to contact us (martin@dream-union-beats.com) for upgrading to a higher license, to be legally safe with copyright. You the only have to pay the rest amount of the higher license model.

For example you previously bought a Silver license for 29,99€, to upgrade then to Platin you have to pay the rest-amount of 170,-€ (199,99€ – 29,99€ = 170€).

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Will the voice-tags be removed after my purchase?

Of course! When you buy a beat, there is no voice tag on that audio no more. Only if you want to support me you can receive my tag to put it maybe to the start or something of the beat, but just if you like that idea!

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How can I receive the Trackout-Stems?

That is only possible by buying the “Platin”-license of a beat or by upgrading your old license to this one (e.g. from Gold to Platin).

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What are Trackout-Stems?

Trackout-Stems are all the different audio-layers, exported from the DAW-project. When I finish a beat in my DAW, I export the single audios of each sound one by one. For you this is an option to re-mix the beat again according to your own taste. To receive Trackout-Stems you need the “Platin”-license.

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When does a beat-license expire?

Actually never! Only in case you exceed the streaming/sales-numbers for your distributed song (for example if your song has over 500,000 streams on Spotify etc.). In this case you need to upgrade the license to a higher level (e.g. from Gold to Platin) to be legally safe with Copyright.

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Which payment-options do you offer?

In this beat-store we do offer PayPal Standard and payment via CreditCard. For paying with PayPal you need an account on PayPal.com to be able to send a transaction. For paying with credit card you need a valid one, which with you can fill in the data into the checkout process.

Payment-data will not be given to third-parties, for this do also check our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions.

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What is the difference between all these licensing-options (Silver, Gold, Platin)?

Everyone of our three licensing options has different conditions and prices. Silver is the “lowest” quality in MP3 and would be the best decision if you are just starting out. Gold has the WAV-file (better quality) and that is better for all the different music platforms that you can distribute your music to. Platin is for great if you want to go big with the certain song cause you don´t have any streaming restrictions to look on, therefore it´s also the highest price.

If you wanna know more, please also checkout our pricing table with all the necessary information on our first page!


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What is a Non-Exclusive license?

A non-exclusive license is a license for using our instrumentals profitably for your own songs as an artist. You do not own the beat after buying a non-exclusive license, but you are then legally allowed to make a lot of money with the recorded song on that instrumental.

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What does it mean to “lease” a beat?

Leasing a beat means that you don´t have to spend too much money on getting an instrumental you already like for a song of yours. You only buy a license of use for that instrumental, which basically means that you do not own it but you can use it to make profitable income streams with your music!

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