Martin Dembowski – Single Enterprising

Small-Business-Status (according to §19 UStG, Germany) 

Büdnerweg 11
18258, Neu Wiendorf
Mecklenburg Vorpommern

E-Mail: martin(at)
Tel.: +49 172 246 9620

Tax-ID (VAT): DE354504339


Content-related responsibility according to § 5 TMG and § 55 article 2 RStV

For the accuracy and actuality of content only the certain creators of the single sites are responsible.


Martin Dembowski
Büdnerweg 11
18258, Neu Wiendorf
Mecklenburg Vorpommern


E-Mail: martin(at)

Tel.: +49 172 246 9620

Technical responsibility 


Martin Dembowski
Büdnerweg 11
18258, Neu Wiendorf
Mecklenburg Vorpommern


E-Mail: martin(at)

Tel.: +49 172 246 9620





Privacy Policy


This explanation of Privacy Policy informs the user/customer of this Website according to the European laws of Data protection about the form, the scale and the purpose of raising personal data by the operator of this website.

The operator of the website takes the protection of your Data serious and treats them in a confidential way, according to statutory regulations.

The user has to observe that the delivery of Data within the internet can be interrupted fundamentally by security breaches made by strange third parties. A fully extensive protection of unauthorized accesses by strangers is not realizable.



The operator or Site-provider raises Data about Accesses on the site and saves them as „Server-Logfiles. The following Data is recorded:

  • Visited website
  • Point of access-time
  • The amount of sent Data [in Byte]
  • Source/reference of which the user got to the site
  • Used Browser
  • Used browsing system
  • Used IP-Address

The raised Data is only important for statistical utilization and improvement of the site. The operator allows himself to check the server-Logfiles later, when there are concrete clues of illegal use.



This Website uses Cookies. These are little text-files, which are saved on users terminal device. His browser uses these files and improves security and user-friendliness of the website.

Common Browsers offer the option of adjustment to block Cookies. Its not guaranteed that the user has all functions of the Website without limits, when he sets these adjustments.


Association with personal Data

The operator of the website raises, uses and gives away the Data only according to statutory regulations or the user agrees with that.

Personal Data means all information which are used for appointing the users person and which can be tracked back. Name, Address, Email-Address and Status of the person (means if he is buying as a privat-person – B2C; or a business man B2B)




Process of order

All Data which will be saved during the process of order is given by the customer. This includes:

  • First and last name
  • Customer Status (Business or private) – “B2B” = business / B2C” = customer
  • Address (includes country, town, street, street number and postal code)
  • E-Mail address

The customer is requested to make true information. Data which is important for the order-process will not be given to third service parties. When the saving of Data is not necessary anymore or it is statutory prohibited it will be deleted.


Creditworthiness Check

The website system does not raise any information about the creditworthiness in the run up to the process of order.


Association with Contact-Data

If the user contacts the operator of the website, the contact information will be saved to ensure the handling and answering of users inquiry. Without the users agreement Data will not be given to third parties.


Association with comments and posts

If the user leaves a post or a comment on the site, IP-Address and Email-Address will be saved. This is important for the security of the website. If the comment or post does not accord to statutory regulations the provider can track your identity, delete your comment/post or block your IP-Address for access to the website.


Google Analytics

This Website uses the service of „Google Analytics“, which is offered by the Google Inc. (1600 Amphiteatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA) for analysing the website use of the user. The service uses „Cookies“ – text files which will be saved on users terminal-device. By cookies given information are sent to a Server based in the USA and saved there.

On this Website works IP-estrangement. The IP-Address of users is shortened within the European Union and its member-states. Because of shortening IP-Addresses the connection escapes to the real person. The user has the option to block the work of Cookies in his Browser adjustments. This prohibits Google Inc. to receive and use the Data including IP-Address.

The user can install the plugin here:

Otherwise with a click on the upper link you disallow Cookies only for this website or Data raised by Google Analytics. This links includes an “Opt-Out-Cookie”. This means an exception for this website, Cookies here are fundamentally allowed. Delete your Cookies often.

Here you find more information for Data-usage by Google Inc:


Usage of Social-Media Plugins

This Website uses Facebook Social Plugins, which are proceeded by the Facebook Inc. (1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA). The user can recognize this at the Facebook-logo or by the words “like”, “share”, “comment” with colours of white and blue. Information to all Facebook Plugins you can find here:

The plugin gives a direct contact between the users browser and the servers of Facebook. The operator of the website has no influence on the nature or the amount of Data which will be raised. Information are found here:

The plugin informs Facebook that the specific user has visited the website. Here Facebook has the opportunity to save his IP-Address. When the user is logged into his Facebook-Account, raised information of IP will be connected with it.

If you want to forbid that Facebook Inc. will connect this Data with your Facebook-account, please log out before you visit this website.

Furthermore this website uses the “+1”-Button of GooglePlus. This service is also running by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). If the user visits a website which includes this button there will exist a direct contact between the users browser and the Google-Server. The operator of the website is again not able to know about the nature and the amount of the raised data, which the plugin sends there. The user clicks on “+1”-button, while he is logged into his GooglePlus-account and the content will be shared on his site.

Personal data is raised as soon as the user clicks on the button. Also for logged in Google-users the IP-Address is saved. If the user wants to forbid that such data will be raised, he has to log out of his account.



The operator of the website gives the user the opportunity to receive a Newsletter where he can see actual offers or news according to products, services, special prices or events. If the user wants to subscribe to the Newsletter he has to give a valid E-Mail-Address.


Rights of the user: Information, Authority and Cancellation

The user has the right to receive at request free information about which personal Data of him are saved. When his wish not collides with a law-duty for the saving of Data, he has the right on correcting of wrong files and the blocking or cancellation of his personal Data.