This is your last chance (TheDreamPack)

    Price: €149.99


    (get another 50 € discount)


    I´ve seen you did not completed the checkout process for my big offer of “TheDreamPack”. Maybe you were not sure if it is wise to spend such a lot of money at once or you just thought: “Maybe I will get a better deal elsewhere…”.

    Well, I totally understand this but I want you to know that it would be my pleasure to work with you and to have my beats within your songs!

    Beside the fact that you will not get 3 of my beats for such a low cost with unlimited license on my original website, I want to give you another discount, to make sure you really feel secure with this purchase:

    When you buy now, you will only pay 149,99 € (that´s another 50 € off) while still getting the 3 beats plus all the free bonuses of course!

    This is my last offer to you, I hope you take this incredible and make an outstanding investment in your future as a professional Rapper!