Using “FREE” Beats for your music

Apr 30, 2019 by DreamUnionBeats - 0 Comments

YouTube and other SocialMedias are full of „FREE“-Beats. But are they free? Or is it even against the law to use it? This thread tells you what you need to know.

Free Beats sound great. Really big producers leave their beats on YouTube for Free. But „FREE“ does not mean for free!

It means you can download them on a direct link of the producer for privat use.

But as soon as you produce songs with them and distribute them, you´re breaking copyright-terms, which can become very expensive.

Which ends up happening in the producer finds the song with his beat on the internet and wants to get a lot of money or he will activate a lawyor.

I mean not every producer is like this, but you have to think about them like businesses. If you go into a store and steal something and use it for your advantage they will call the police. It´s the same for beats. . . They are digital products.


Another thing which speaks against using free beats are the tags on them. Especially for such cases in where beats get stolen producers try to protect their work with „Tags“.

But what are tags? Well, they are advertising voices which often speak the producers name or something else and you will find them more or less often on the beat.

As soon as you are buying a license you get the „untagged“ audio.

And think about it, it is way more professional for your fan base when your instrumentals don´t get interrupted by some annoying voices 😉

To close it I wanna say that you always should get licences for your beats. You don´t have to get headache cause you have stolen them or anything…


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